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Benefits of Product Testing

Kitemark, CE Mark

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Benefits of product testing and certification include:

  • Market access:
    Break into new markets with appropriate certification and compliant products

  • Market development:
    Maximize the potential of existing markets and break into new markets

  • Speed to market:
    For time critical industries, product testing and certification can speed the entry to market

  • Risk management:
    Mitigate the risks and liabilities in your chosen markets and achieve secure and robust decision making through the management of risk and compliance

  • Product differentiation:
    Through independent testing and certification your products will stand out from your competitors

  • Managed compliance:
    In partnership with our clients we offer guidance throughout the design and manufacturing process - improving our client's time to market.

  • Competitive edge:
    Through our distinguished product certification mark - Kitemark, trusted by 88% of the UK adult population and recognized around the world.

  • Customer confidence:
    Through BSI's globally acknowledged and trusted independence and reputation achieve consumer and business reassurance

Next Steps

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