In-company training

InCompany' training courses can be adapted to your specific needs, or a totally bespoke course can be developed. Our approach is interactive, combining up-to-date experience with practical application to create the ideal learning situation. The combination of training with real-life application is one of the key benefits of 'In-Company' training delivery, why not for example extend your training programme with a real live audit assisted by one of our trainers.

All types of organizations from large, blue chip companies to small-to-medium sized businesses and the public sector use this service.

Benefits of in-company training

An 'In company' solution provides value for money training - it is an effective method of making the most of your training budget. Programmes are priced by the day rather than by the delegate, enabling you to obtain substantial cost-savings. A further factor is that by running training at or near your premises, we can save you the travel and accommodation expenses.

What can be provided?

We are able to deliver any of our open training courses specifically for your organization, as well as others. Often clients ask for a course to meet their specific needs. In these cases, we can modify courses, adding new components or even combining two or more courses into an integrated programme. Many clients also ask us to work on a one to one basis with a project leader, particularly useful during the development and implementation of a management system. The programme may be only one day or it could extend to several days depending on the pace of your project.

Next steps

To find out how in-company training can benefit your business contact us on +971 4 336 4917